How To Stop Negative Thoughts

How To Stop Negative Thoughts

If you are reading this article on ‘How To Stop Negative Thoughts‘ , then this question is worth asking to yourself,” Who is more powerful? Myself or my thoughts”. Topics like this on ‘how to stop negative thoughts from entering your mind’ needs a clean and open discussion. So, we will cover a lot of material so that you feel that it’s quite normal and most importantly you can get rid of it with a little bit of practice.

How To Stop Negative Thoughts

Often negative thoughts never like to be alone. One negative thought leads to another and then another… Indulging in negative thought pattern can be very tiring and often eats away our most valuable asset i.e. our time and life.

In the end, you will find a simple trick to wash away your negative thoughts. But, let’s first understand why getting rid of negative thoughts is so important.  Mental house cleaning is very important for our complete well being. Though a negative thought does not has any physical existence but it was cause a lot of physical, mental, social and also financial damage. It has been said that you get more tired by continuously thinking negative thoughts than by running in the field.

Just answer this simple question before entertaining your negative thoughts even for a few seconds. Is your negative thought going to do you any good in the short-term, mid-term or even long-term.

The answer is simple , a big ‘NO’. It cannot do any good. So, it is called as negative thought.

Avoid these and you will find the solutions to your question how to stop negative thoughts

Let’s first understand why negative thoughts come in mind.Understanding this can be a perfect solution for negative thinking disorder.So, let’s  first understand three causes and then we will see some examples of negative thoughts.

As far as I know there are three main causes of negative thoughts:

  • Justify – Now, if you are sure that whatever you have done is correct and you are not responsible for the situations you are facing, then why should you be justifying at all.

Now you get angry on someone and then justify your anger. After 30 mins or 1 hr of getting angry you get a feeling of guilt. So, what’s the use of justifying?

So next time, never try to justify and if you think that after doing something you have to give justification to someone then don’t do it. Keep things simple and easy. That is the secret of happiness.

  • Blame – This is one of the most common causes of negative feeling.

There is absolutely no limit to the number of things we can blame. We blame economy, government, boss, spouse, parents, weather, religion, tradition and almost everything.

When we blame someone then we by default consider us as the victim and the other person or the situation as the cause of the problem. So, this sets an inferiority complex and starts negative thought pattern.

  • Complain – Again this sets the victim mentality inside you. Many times this arises out of frustration because you are not in control of things. It might happen that external environment is not according to you but you have full control over your mind. So, use it properly to avoid negative thoughts.


Now, we will analyse list of negative thoughts. These are quite common examples of negative thoughts. You need to understand it properly if your main desire is still, “How to stop negative thoughts”.

Before diving into the list there is one more thing we should focus on. In every situation only two things can happen. You are either in control of the situation or the situation is not in your control.

When we are in control of the situation then we feel good, elevated, energized and feel positive.  When we are not in control of the situation we feel lost, feel low and tired. If we donot do anything then automatically negativity sets in. So, in such situation we must remember that we are always in control of our mind. So, try to find the positive in that situation and you can change it into a learning experience.

So, now let’s see the common negative thoughts.

  • I am not good for this

Who told this to you? Whoever said this to you doesnot know about you. He/She is not a god.  Remember you have all the resources available to you which Einstein had. God never made a difference between you and anyone else. Instead say to yourself,” If anyone can do it, then that’s a clear indication that this job is doable and I can do it. If no-one has done it, then I will be the first to do it”. Then just go and do it and never look back.This is one of the best examples of negative thoughts and you should get rid of this now.

  • I never win

It’s quite common. But, you have to understand that to succeed you have to fail many times.

It’s important that you never quit. Those who never quit, they win. And, those who quit, they never win. So, say to yourself ,”I am a winner and I am born to win” and never quit.

  • I am ugly and fat

This thinking might even top the examples of negative thoughts. If you don’t accept yourself then why should people accept you.  The world cannot treat you better than you treat yourself. Also,  the thing that matters most is that you should stay fit and healthy. So, if you think yourself as fat and ugly then take it up as challenge and you will get fitter and healthier than before.


There are many other common negative thoughts like this. We will discuss more on those in subsequent articles. Here our main focus was on the fact the negative thoughts need not be your dominating thoughts. You can easily change those to positive thoughts. Always you should think on how to focus on the positive. This is the best solution for the question how to stop negative thoughts.


 Demon Vs Angel – How To Stop Negative Thoughts & The Water Flush Solution

 You can stop your negative thoughts anxiety and focus on positive using this method. It’s a simple method and very easy to understand.

There are two tiny persons inside us.  A really good angel and a bad demon. The angel feeds on good thoughts and the demon feeds on bad thoughts.

When you start thinking negative thoughts you are infact feeding the demon inside you. It grows and becomes big with each negative thought and then injures and hurts the angel. So, the angel goes away. After that the demon is in control of you. So, you lose your clarity of thinking, your confidence and feel low. The demon wants you to lose, stay poor, have bad relationships etc.

But, the good thing is that the demon is afraid of one simple item i.e. water.

Just hold a glass of water and say the magical words,” I am strong, I am willing and I am able. Each day and in every way I am getting better, better and better.” Then drink the glass of water.

This one glass of water is sufficient to drown the demon. And the magical words will empower the angel. So, now the angel will be control of you. You will be confident, happy and move towards success.


So, every time you have negative thoughts have a glass of water and say the magical words.  Gradually, you will flush away the negative thoughts and become more positive, energetic and vibrant person.Finally if you like this article on ‘How To Stop Negative Thoughts‘, then do consider sharing this your friends and this might help them.