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Staying Happy While Others are Mad w| Leerics of Life iphone People & Blogs 

Staying Happy While Others are Mad w| Leerics of Life

Hey guys
Welcome Back!

The topic for October 2017 is HAPPINESS !!
I mean after all, wouldn’t we all love to be happy all of the time?
Well sorry, I can’t help you there. LOL

But, I can share a few tips on how to stay happy, during chaos.

1.) Recognize that YOU cannot change ANOTHER PERSON’s FEELINGS .
Sorry, you can’t. Only they can change their feelings, by changing their perspective (the way they perceive the situation, events, you, etc.)

2.) Accept that the other person or people, are entitled to their own feelings.
Let them be mad, sad, hurt, etc. They have a right to feel however they want, just like you have a right to feel however you want. It’s okay. Don’t freak out.

3.) Acceptance does not require tolerance.

Just because someone is upset, sad, hurt, etc. does not mean you have to endure THEIR PAIN. You do not have to sit there and be cursed out, argue, convincing (try to change their mind right then and there), and so on. You can acknowledge their feelings and give them THEIR SPACE.

4.) Dump the BAGGAGE!

So you finally talk. You may even argue a little. You may not. Either way their emotions are theirs. THEIR EMOTIONS DO NOT BELONG TO YOU. DO NOT TAKE ON OTHER PEOPLES BAGGAGE. DO NOT REACH OTHER PEOPLES LEVELS.

Just because they yell and curse doesn’t mean you have to.
Just because they’re crying doesn’t mean you have to.
Catch the drift?

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Thanks for watching !

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